Deluxe Moon Pro - Moon Phases Calendar App Reviews

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Great product

Very acurite and great follows phase perfectly

Best moon app out there!

You wont be disappointed with this purchase. Its amazing with tons of features and a beautiful interface. Looks beautiful on an iPad or iPhone. The best thing about it for me, being a jyotishi (Vedic astrologer) is the ability to use the sidereal zodiac. This is also a great option for those who are astronomers as it will accurately display what constellation the moon is actually in. The updates seem to be free. But my only gripe is I had an older version for years on a iPhone G3. when I purchased a iPhone 6s last year, it wouldnt work. I contacted customer service but never received an answer as to why I had to repurchase. Im still glad I have the new version but wish Id at least been responded to by the company. I do wish that one could add to iCal the day of the lunar shift into each constellation. Elsewhere all I can get for iCal is tropical lunar data which is useless. Id love to see the actual exact time the moon will move into a constellation rather than just the day. Also adding the saros cycle number to eclipses would be nice. Thanks for a great app!

100% comprehensive app on the Moon

This app is AAA 5 stars (or Moons) as it provides nearly all the information needed about the Moon in relation to the Earth. Every time I use it I discover new features. A must!

Lovely app

Love this app. Its great on the Apple Watch as well! I even went back and looked up where the moon cycle was when I was born!

Beautiful app

Im not sure why I feel better knowing the status of the moon, but this app does it with style.


My toddler son loves this app!! The graphics are beautiful and there is way more information available than I know what to do with!!

I enjoy this app

I dont use it a ton but when I do I really like it.

Anything/everything moon

If you want to know anything moon related, then Deluxe Moon is THE app.


A lot of in depth information! Awesome for planning future adventures and or space travel.

I love this app!!!

This app is one of my absolute favorites. Definitely worth the purchase!

Like it!

I would rate it 5 if I had not had to pay for it again after already purchasing it. It works great and is chalked full of useful information. I especially use it to see if I should cut my sons hair!

Great app

Very informative app. Pretty much has everything you need if you are into the moon and sun. Eclipse dates, cool background music etc. You will like this app

Cool app!

I like having all the information I need on one app.

Enchanting app!

Love this app, so enchanting!


All things celestial, in 1 app! It has everything and is beautifully layed out. $ well spent!!!

Great app

This is a very in depth and really great app!


Enjoying the range of information. I study the lunar eclipses and this is handy to have in my pocket.

Moon lovers rejoice

This is a great app that is super in depth. Gives me more than I wanted. I aspire to understand all the information given. Love it!

Fun to use

Great graphics, lots of good moon info. I really like this app!

To the moon

App is great.

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